To take these children to the Camp in the country of El Salvador is engaging in war with the enemy of our souls. We are doing what is possible yet our mighty God is opening incredible doors an He is providing what we can not do it on our own. Thank God for Pastor Erick, Sudivey, Gessel, Reynita for bringing the mothers to do the legal permit. We faced the impossible as we hold on tight to "God's Grip"We have seen so many miracles and believing God for these "Guardines de la Fe" Keepers of the Faith. They will be flying for $162 round trip. The boder crossing is so difficult, but our God is awesome indeed.
Thank you Jenny C.,Ehren,Dr. Stahl, Tracey, and Randy. Believing God for 19 tickets, has being an incredible journey. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.
The Camp will be from the 23 to Dec. 3rd. Keep us in your prayers. PLEASE!